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Dear Parents,

As a 20 year veteran of student ministry I often described parenting teenagers as a time of “circling the wagons and trying to outlast them.”  In some ways, this is true.  The bulk of the teaching part of parenting is done.  However, the teenage years are THE MOST FORMATIVE time in a human being’s life.  This is the time when a student must make faith their own.  This is the time when they will push the limits and question absolutely everything.  But this is good…and right.  The goal of parenting is to raise independent, confident Christ-followers.  As a result, while the truth is that YOU are the number one spiritual influence in your kids lives, attending Refuel and being a part of our student ministry is crucial.  With that in mind, we would encourage you to join our Facebook pages found below.  Also, take advantage of some of the parenting links below.  But, we also want you to know that we want to partner with you.  So, please, if we can serve you in any way, don’t hesitate to ask.  You can email me anytime at dpratt@icommunitychurch.com .  We’re cheering for you!

Pastor Dan Pratt

Refuel – Batesville Campus

Refuel – Greensburg Campus

Center for Parent and Youth Understanding

This is a Gold mine of searchable youth culture resources going back years.

There is a constant flow of up to date reviews of what is going on in the world of teens. There is a Podcast, blog, face book updates, and twitter posts. This site is Not about shock and awe but helps make sense of the confusing world of youth culture with practical suggestions targeted at how to respond to all of this. The director of CPYU, Walt Mueller posts on face book and updates in your inbox, if you want the posts. You only need to give them a name and your email address.

Sticky Faith

This is a whole movement of concerned parents and church leaders who are passionate about making faith stick with kids and kids stick to their faith for life. Dr. Kara Powell leads the charge with her book Sticky Faith but she has videos, an e-journal even events for parents of teens.

Focus on the Family


This has been a trusted resource for so many years of top quality resources for the family. It is a door way to dozens of articles answering the questions that parents grapple with all of the time.

Parenting Teens

I signed up for this one a while back and I am so glad that I did. Hundreds of practical, well researched articles that make sense. Amy Morin provides understandable Insights into adolescent development and behavior. The site provides a Blog that you can receive.

Jonathan McKee The Source for Parents


It was a hard choice for the number 5 spot because it means leaving out some other great resources until another time. But what the Source for Parents does is connect you to a bunch of sites I left out. You could go all morning clicking on the links and following the leads to other valuable articles, book reviews, and websites.