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REACH is a 24-month journey to see what happens when we allow God to move us to be generous with our finances and our lives. God has done amazing things through Community Church over the past two decades, and now He is presenting us with one of the most life-defining moments we have ever been given as a church.

We believe God has a vision for us to be an impact church, a church that brings the life-changing, transformational truth of Jesus to hearts in our community, our region, and the world.

But it all begins with us. God is calling us to live lives of extravagant generosity. To be a part of REACH means to REACH deep, REACH in, and REACH out. Over the next two years, our goal is to raise $2.5 million so we can continue to REACH others.

Won’t you join us and consider what it might look like for your life if you decided to REACHCheck out more information on the REACH website.