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REACH has been a 24-month journey to see what happens when we allow God to move us to be generous with our finances and our lives.  The heart of REACH is to create a place where people who aren’t yet here can come and connect to God’s Story.  We’ve had the opportunity to REACH deep, REACH in, and REACH out over the past two years.

As a major part of REACH, we have completed renovations on our Greensburg Campus to create additional children’s space.  Plans are currently underway to update our Batesville Campus – increasing space for both adults and children.

We’ve continued to support and strengthen existing ministries in the church through REACH while also giving 10% of our total generosity to missions.  We’ve had the opportunity to impact our communities locally by supporting organizations like Safe Passage and Bread of Life, and we’ve partnered with organizations like Back2Back Ministries that have global impact.  (Including sending a team of 22 individuals to India!)

If you’d like to find out more about REACH and how to join God’s invitation to be generous, contact us here.