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We exist to help YOU connect to God’s story for your life. We believe that diversity is what makes the modern church great, so no matter where you are in your story, there’s a space for you here.

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, who you’re voting for, how many tattoos and piercings you have, or even if you’ve ever set foot in a church before. Jesus lived an authentic, real life and we strive to live up to His example every day.

We’re a group of imperfect people letting a perfect God take the pen from our hands to author our stories every day. We can’t wait to be part of your next chapter.

Greensburg Sunday Morning Schedule:
8:45 am – KidConnection Check-in Begins
9:00 am – Worship Service Begins
10:05 am – Worship Service Concludes

Batesville Sunday Morning Schedule:
10:45 am – KidConnection Check-in Begins
11:00 am – Worship Service Begins
12:05 pm – Worship Service Concludes